Makerspace activities in action Term 4 2022

Term 4, 2022

Our new Makerspace has been a hive of activity in Term 4. Students can come and make our weekly projects before school and at lunchtime or just use the space to creatively explore their own ideas using our equipment and supplies. Teachers can also utilize the dynamic space for classroom craft activities. We have welcomed many class groups this term all the way through from grade 5 to grade 12.

Week 1 – Friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets are a great craft that you can do anywhere and a great skill to have for the summer holidays. Using embroidery thread in AHS colours we have been making 4 and 6 strand bracelets fastened with a button, for friends and family.

Week 2 – Year 12 Rosary Bracelets

We welcomed the Year 12 Religion and Meaning of Life students into the Makerspace for a creative and mindful activity. The students made beautiful Rosary bracelets to take with them into the next month of external exams for meditative positivity and reassurance. The bracelets symbolise one decade of the Rosary that can be worn around your wrist. The student really enjoyed this activity working together in a creative space learning about the significance of the Rosary.

Week 3 – Origami infinity star

Infinity origami stars were a challenging task for our Makerspace students. Eight individual origami pieces are folded and slot into each other in a circle to make a rolling kaleidoscope. So relaxing and mesmerising.

Week 4 – Spooky Stuff

Creepy, kooky spider webs and seriously spooky stories in the library last week. We created these spider webs from paddle pop sticks and used a loose interpretation of a traditional Mexican weaving method to build the web. We made spiders from chenille sticks and pompoms and multiple googly eyes πŸ‘€ πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ•·

Week 6 – Stick Together

We stick together with fun collaborative activities in the Library. Starting out as a mysterious blank canvas the students filled in the colour clues with sticker tiles to reveal “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.

Week 8 – Freestyle games and craft

Makerspace is a dynamic space in our Library equipped with craft supplies, games, puzzles, construction tools. The space is a hive of activity before school and at lunchtime, a space to stimulate enquiring minds, encourage experimentation, facilitate collaboration and enable creativity.

Week 9 – Christmas decorations for Brisbane Basket Brigade and cards for Villa Maria

AHS students have been making decorations and collecting items to donate to the Brisbane Basket Brigade. The Basket Brigade is a non-profit organisation providing food and gifts for people that need a hand – children, the elderly, hungry & homeless – during the Christmas season each year.

Year 6 students used the Makerspace to create beautiful Christmas cards and write Christmas letters to our friends, the residents of Villa Maria.

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