Makerspace activities in action Term 4 2022

Term 4, 2022 Our new Makerspace has been a hive of activity in Term 4. Students can come and make our weekly projects before school and at lunchtime or just use the space to creatively explore their own ideas using our equipment and supplies. Teachers can also utilize the dynamic space for classroom craft activities….

Makerspace Activities in Action Term 3 2022

Term 3, 2022 An action packed term in our brand new Makerspace for our curious inventors and creative makers. Week 1 – NAIDOC week leaf art Celebrating NAIDOC week in Makerspace with artistic activities including the 2022 National NAIDOC Poster competition winner, ‘Stronger’ designed by Gudianji/Wakaja artist Ryhia Dank and eucalyptus leaf art. NAIDOC Week…

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 3, 2022

Commencing in Week 4, Term 3 – In the new library! Visit the new library in Term 3 and see our Cre8 Lab! Check out what we have planned in the short video below. Sign on sheets will be available Term 3, week 1 in the new library.

Macramé Coasters

14th October, 2021 Cre8 Lab students learned to make round macramé coasters. Macramé is the ancient art of knotting rope to make textiles that create useful and artistic objects. The coasters are made from two types of knots: larks head and clove hitch. The knots follow a circular pattern and the pattern develops with additional…

Makerspace Activities in Action Term 1 2022

Term 1, 2022 We had a chaotic start to the year with the first two weeks of school delayed due to the pandemic. Over the following weeks many students and staff were absent due to being close contacts or having Covid-19, and had to isolate and work from home. Then in Week 6 the school…

Makerspace Activities Term 1 , 2022

A Sneak Peek Let your imagination stretch as we embark on the Makerspace activities for the start of 2022! Bring your enthusiasm, creativity and innovation to a space where all are welcomed. Watch this short presentation to see what we have planned.

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 1, 2022

A Sneak Peek We have some exciting workshops planned for the Cre8 Lab Term 1 2022! We look forward to creating, inspiring and exploring with you. Check out the program below in this short presentation.

Macramé Dreamcatcher

17th August, 2021 We are now is finishing off week, after a week in lock down. The students are very close to finishing their dreamcatchers and enjoying the process of decorating with flowers and feathers. 6th August 2021. During the first week of Term 3 the students in the Cre8 Lab are back enjoying the…

Macrame Owls

23 April, 2021 Another school year, and hopefully it will be an exciting and safe year ahead. The students in the Cre8 Lab are having a fun but challenging time creating their macrame owls. This project not so easy, especially for those who have not had any previous experience with macrame knots. Even some of…