Makerspace activities in action Term 4 2022

Term 4, 2022 Our new Makerspace has been a hive of activity in Term 4. Students can come and make our weekly projects before school and at lunchtime or just use the space to creatively explore their own ideas using our equipment and supplies. Teachers can also utilize the dynamic space for classroom craft activities….

Cre8 Lab Workshop #2 Quilled Sugar Skulls

Term 4, 2022 Cre8 Lab students had a lot of fun learning the art of quilling – rolling thin strips of paper into tight or loose coils which are then pinched and glued to form different decorative shapes. Starting with a blank skull template, they each designed their own pattern and colour scheme to create…

Makerspace Activities in Action Term 3 2022

Term 3, 2022 An action packed term in our brand new Makerspace for our curious inventors and creative makers. Week 1 – NAIDOC week leaf art Celebrating NAIDOC week in Makerspace with artistic activities including the 2022 National NAIDOC Poster competition winner, ‘Stronger’ designed by Gudianji/Wakaja artist Ryhia Dank and eucalyptus leaf art. NAIDOC Week…

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 4, 2022

Commencing in Week 3, Term 4 – In the new Technology Workshop! Check out the short video below to see what we have coming up in Cre8 Lab next term! Sign on sheets will be available from week 1 at the Level 1 counter in the library.

Makerspace Activities in Action Term 2 2022

Term 2, 2022 An action packed term in Makerspace with a strong STEAM focus for our curious and creative inventors. Week 1 – Lego We Do The students amazed us by constructing designs with Lego and then using motors and code blocks to program their creations to move. Some students followed the guidelines and created…

Cre8 Lab Workshop #2 3D Pop Up Cards

Term 2, 2022 Simple, creative and clever. To celebrate Mother’s Day our Cre8 Lab students made 3D pop up cards using paper and cardboard. The design lies flat when the card is closed and springs open to a bouquet of beautiful paper flowers and leaves. Our students enjoy working together in the Celestine Art Centre…

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 2, 2022

A Sneak Peek Looking for something fun to fill your lunch break? Come and join us in the Art rooms for some creative activities where you will build friendships, learn new art techniques (no experience required) and have some fun! Check out the program below in this short presentation.

Makerspace Activities in Action Term 4

24 November, 2021 Makerspace started the term with SPLAT 3D design. SPLATs are an award winning template tool that help students draw 3D objects. Thinking and communicating in 3D is not just essential for design, research shows that developing these 3D thinking skills promotes success across all STEAM fields and related trades. ( Creating Spooky…

Makerspace Activities Term 4 , 2021

31st August, 2021 It is hard to believe that we are nearly into term 4 of the school year for 2021. Although this is a short term, we have lots of activities ready for the Makerspace. Watch this short presentation to see what we have planned.