Makerspace workshops in action Term 1 2023

Term 1, 2023

Our Makerspace got off to a great start to the year with welcoming, collaborative activities to help our new students get to know each other. Students can come and make our weekly projects before school and at lunchtime or just use the space to creatively explore their own ideas using our equipment and supplies. Teachers also used our Makerspace with term with our Year 5 Italian classes coming in to make decorative Carnivale masks.

Week 1 – Badges and Collaborative Colouring

Students go to know each other and reconnect with old friends doing our collaborative giant colouring activity. The colouring is a black and white version of an artwork we have in the Library, ‘Sisterhood’ by Chern’ee Sutton, an Indigenous Map of All Hallows’ School. We also made badges to get to know each other’s names and welcome all our new students.

Week 2 – Giant Windballs – Makedo

Using recycled cardboard from our uniform shop deliveries we have made Giant Windballs. Our new Makedo tool sets with reusable screws, screw drivers, perforators have been put to good use to connect the decorated cardboard squares together to make these fabulous shapes.

Week 3 – Year 7 Discovery Day

Year 7 students discovered the amazing treasures that Potter Library has to offer as part of our Library Discovery Day including Makerspace, Cre8Lab, ebooks, research areas, reading lounges, esports, drones, robotics, and our stunning art collection. See you in the Library at AHS.

Week 3- Valentines Waterfall Cards

Galentines day is a wonderful day to let all our friends know how much we love and appreciate them. In Makerspace we have been making interactive Love Heart Waterfall cards @teachstart. We ♥ puzzles in Makerspace so this week we’re making new friends and working on our 299 dogs and 1 cat puzzle.

Week 4 – Repeating Patterns

Makerspace students designed patterns that could be repeated to make a continuous pattern suitable for fabric, wrapping paper or wallpaper. We scanned and uploaded our designs into Paint 3D software to edit them and copy and past repeatedly to connect the continuous design.

Week 5 – Robotic Arm, Lego Architecture & Puzzles

Makerspace is a dynamic space in our Library equipped with craft supplies, games, puzzles, construction tools. The space is a hive of activity before school and at lunchtime, a space to stimulate enquiring minds, encourage experimentation, facilitate collaboration and enable creativity.

Week 5 – Italian Carnivale Masks

Year 5 Italian students decorated Carnivale Masks in Makerspace last week. The students have been learning the colours in Italian and exploring the rich cultural significance of the Italian festival of Carnevale. ⁠

Week 6 – Geodesic Domes

Incorporating the triangles into a dome shape we are exploring the sophisticated structure of the Geodesic Dome. We are making mini domes this week and have our sights set on a large cubby house Dome in the coming weeks.

Week 8 – Makedo construction

Makerspace is buzzing with activity! This week we are constructing cardboard designs using our Makedo screw and tools.

Week 9 – Easter Craft

We’ve been growing sprouts in eggshells for Easter, and we upcycled paper cups to make cozy woven baskets for our eggs.

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