Makerspace Activities Term 1 2018

  17th November, 2017 We have many activities for the students in McAuley Makerspace beginning in Term 1 of 2018.  Some of the activities have been repeated because they proved to be popular this year.   The students will have to sign in to some of the ongoing projects, but there is always something to…


23rd October, 2017 Last week the Makerspace had a SLIME activity during lunchtimes.   It coincided with Science week, and the activity was booked out every lunchtime, with some students missing out.  We have never seen the makerspace so busy. The first slime that the students made was Chalkboard Slim, and when it was stretched…

Dream Catchers

23rd October 2017 Most of the students have finished their dream catchers now, with some of the girls adding LEDs.   The project proved challenging for some and was not a quick process.  But for those who persevered, they now have a lovely dream catcher for their bedroom.   5th October 2017 The McAuley Makerspace…

Computer Bugs

Prototypes A couple of the prototypes ready for the Computer Bug activities in the McAuley MakerSpace next term. The students will be using discarded computer parts, wire and watch parts/cogs to create a wonderful fantasy bug. From This To This

Makerspace Workshops Term 4 2017

5th September 2017 Check out the Makerspace activities for next term.  Students will have to sign up for most of the activities, however there are a few ongoing activities in the morning session. We also have a competition “Book face” later in the term.