Galentine’s Day

12th February 2021 It was Valentine’s Day a couple of weeks ago and the students in the Makerspace and the Cre8 lab were hard at work creating cards for their special Galentine. Each year All Hallows’ students celebrate Galentine’s day, giving thanks for the friendships made during their school years and letting their friends know…

Welcome to Makerspace 2021

4th February. 2021 The library would like to welcome everyone to the McAuley Makerspace. We have a lot of activities to share with you during term 1. First up, we have some “getting to know you” fun with games, badges, colouring-in and puzzles. As you can see by the pictures below we are very busy.

Makerspace Activities Term 1 2021

The Makerspace will be up and running as usual next year, and we have some great activities for the students to choose from. Always during the beginning of every year we have “Get to know you” activities for the first few weeks. Check out the presentation below to see what is happening during the first…

Makerspace Creations Term 4 2020

8th September, 2020 It is getting closer to the end of the term, and we have had some great activities in the Makerspace. Firstly, the term started off with the girls furiously painting and decorating A3 peices of paper for the “Wings Mural” that was put up during week 5. There was approximately 200 feathers…

Makerspace Activities Term 4 2020

7th September 2020 Watch the presentation below to view the activities that are available in the Makerspace in term 4 2020. Looking forward to an exciting few weeks before the end of 2020.

As Sisters We Soar

20th August, 2020 During term three the Makerspace and Cre8 Lab students spent the first 4 weeks creating feathers for our wings mural. Each feather was painted in shades of blue and white, cut out in three different sizes and shapes, and then decorated with a white chalk design to add texture, variety and individuality…

McAuley Makerspace Term 3 2020

16th July, 2020 McAuley Makerspace is happy to be back up and running for Term 3 this year, after COVID19 restrictions have been lifted in schools across Queensland. The students are working on several activities during the first week, which includes french knitting, feather creation and building with lego. The feather creation is something that…

Open Day Virtual Tour 2020

All Hallows’ Open day is usually in May each year, however this year we have had to be creative and develop a virtual open day. Below is some presentations from both the McAuley Library and the Potter Library. Showcasing programs, workshops and activities that are available to students during their school years. Potter Library Virtual…

Makerspace eCard Tutorial

Take some time out to create an eCard for someone special in your life. Follow along with Mrs Carey as she demonstrates how to create and animate an eCard using Powerpoint.

Flower Art

Create a Flower Art wall hanging for your bedroom wall using things that you can find in your garden, and bits and pieces from home. Follow the steps pointed out in this short presentation. Please send us pictures of your masterpiece so we can upload them to this page, or on our library instagram account….