Makerspace workshops in action Term 3, 2023

Term 3, 2023

Makerspace is a fun collaborative space. A place to make new friends, try new equipment, a place be creative and curious. Students can come to Makerspace before school and at lunchtime. Each week we have an activity that you can do or you can do your creating and making.

Week 1 – NAIDOC week leaf art

To celebrate NAIDOC week in July Makerspace students painted eucalyptus leaves in beautiful detail to create this stunning collaborative piece. NAIDOC week in an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Nations cultures and histories and participate in celebrations of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth.

Week 2 – Weaving Wall Hangings

Students used popsicle sticks and yarn to make these detailed colourful wall hangings. This fun lunchtime activity required creativity and commitment and the results are stunning. Thanks to mrbs activity room for the creative idea.

Week 3 – Spheros

Makerspace is a fun, creative space for all AHS students. Drop in before school or at lunch time to play a game, solve a puzzle, design and create something interesting. This week students have been preparing for our Lego Masters Competition to be held during Science Week. Students are busy sorting the generous donations of Lego from AHS families so we can create our very own Brick Pit for the competition. Our year 6 students have been utilising the Makerspace to work on their collaborative and creative Shark Tank projects.

Week 5 – Lego Masters

Makerspace is brick-tastic with excitement for our LEGO Masters lunchtime competitions. We kicked off today with a 10 minute ‘Bird’ challenge. The students showed great innovation and creativity using interesting brick shapes and colours, resulting in fantastic designs.

Week 6 – Lego Masters Competition

Albert Einstein once remarked, “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” and our students have been having a lot of fun creating in Makerspace in Term 3.

Sustainability and scientific curiosity are at the core of our projects and this term, which have included  recycling scrap paper to make plantable cards. To celebrate Science Week we’ve had lots of creative fun with lunchtime LEGO competitions. Many thanks to the generous donations of pre-loved LEGO from AHS families.

Makerspace is a creative and inspiring place to grow. It’s open to all our students, every day, before school and at lunchtime. Students are welcome to join in our weekly projects or just take time to be creative and curious.

Week 8 – Paws author visit from Kate Foster

We created origami dogs and ‘Paws’ bookmarks to celebrate Book Week and our visit from author Kate Foster, who always features dogs in her fabulous stories.

Week 9 – Mindful games and innovative inventions

Our Year 5 students are using the Makerspace before school and at lunchtimes, to work on their Shark Tank projects. Fantastic innovations brought to life by the collaborative efforts of our creative young entrepreneurs.  

Makerspace is the place to grow, learning new games, being challenged by puzzles, taking time out to be mindful and meeting up with friends.

Week 10 – Mancala and other games

Winding down to the school holidays we have been learning how to play Mancala, an ancient strategy board game with two players taking turns the objective is to capture the most glass beads. Spot It, Guess Who and Bananagrams are also popular games in our library.

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