Makerspace workshops in action Term 2, 2023

Term 2, 2023

Makerspace is a fun collaborative space. A place to make new friends, try new equipment, a place be creative and curious. Students can come to Makerspace before school and at lunchtime. Each week we have an activity that you can do or you can do your creating and making.

Week 1 – ANZAC Poppies
Remembering our diggers, we made commemorative poppies in the library and added them to a wreath made of rosemary, alongside stories of brave nurses and soldiers. ⁠

Week 2 – Macrame Key Chain

What’s knot to love about Macrame? In makerspace we have be learning the ancient knot tying techniques of macrame. Square, twist or the tricky mermaid tail, we have used all these knots to make key chains.

Week 3 – Mother’s Day Cards

In Japan, Origami is a popular art form that is commonly integrated into the curriculum for children in elementary school to help them develop patience and spatial skills as well as enhance memory and concentration. This week in Makerspace we have been creating beautiful origami tulips to decorate Mother’s day cards.

Week 4 – Photo frames

We have been making photo frames for Mother’s Day. The process requires patience, precision and perseverance, some of the great qualities we learn from our Mothers.

Week 5 – Winch construction

This week in Makerspace we have been constructing a Winch from cardboard, string and wire. Engaging our students in simple STEM projects helps develop crucial skills like problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity. We have also been constructing Lego WeDo, creations and bringing them to life with code.

Makerspace is a dynamic space in our Library equipped with craft supplies, games, puzzles, construction tools. The space is a hive of activity before school and at lunchtime, a space to stimulate enquiring minds, encourage experimentation, facilitate collaboration and enable creativity.

Week 6 – LEGO Spike Prime

Makerspace students have been unpacking our new LEGO Spike Prime Kit a fantastic tool for STEAM learning. The kit combines colourful LEGO construction with a programable multi port hub and intuitive drag and drop coding language based on Scratch. This kit will be fabulous fun addition to our Makerspace providing creative learning opportunities, engaging students in critical thinking and problem solving – developing essential 21st century skills.

Week 7 – SPLAT 3D Design

We have been creating 3D pictures using SPLAT drawing tools. We drew optical illusions using shading and perspective and block designs of possible Lego creatures.
SPLATs are an award winning 3D drawing tool that help teach students how to draw 3D shapes. Students develop their capacity for geometric and spatial thinking, supporting the development of creativity and problem solving.⁠

Week 8 – God’s eye weaving

Gods eye weaving, or ‘Ojo de Dios’ is a simple, ancient weaving technique originating in Mexico. The eyes, made with wool and wood are traditionally made to bless a home. The Makerspace students have enjoyed this contemplative and spiritual practice and made some beautiful Gods eyes this week.

Week 9 – Mancala and other games

Winding down to the school holidays we have been learning how to play Mancala and other games in Makerspace. Mancala is an ancient strategy board game with two players taking turns the objective is to capture the most glass beads.

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