Makerspace Activities in Action Term 2 2022

Term 2, 2022

An action packed term in Makerspace with a strong STEAM focus for our curious and creative inventors.

Week 1 – Lego We Do

The students amazed us by constructing designs with Lego and then using motors and code blocks to program their creations to move. Some students followed the guidelines and created complex kits and other went off-piste and invent their own designs.

Week 2 & 3 – Paper craft

Origami tulips and Mother’s Day cards. Makerspace is a place for nurturing the wellbeing and creativity of our students. The students put lots of love and care into cards for Mother’s day and contributed some of their creations to make beautiful buckets of paper tulips for our Library front counter.

Week 4 – Smart Rooms

Creativity and fun in the Makerspace using LittleBits, colourful electronic Bits that help make learning about circuitry and electronics fun and imaginative. We added fans, lights, and even a record player to our room designs with a variety of switches and features.

Week 5 & 6 – Makey Makey & Squishy Circuits

Making music in Makerspace this week. Using a circuit board, alligator clips, and a USB cable, Makey Makey uses closed loop electric signals to make everyday objects into computer keys. We made foil bongo drums, a coin guitar, play dough piano keys and game controllers.

Squishy Circuits were used to make a light up caterpillar for our Open Day display, showcasing all our amazing Makerspace and Cre8 Lab workshops. The students showed our Open Day guests how playdough is conductive and how to make music with glasses of coloured water and a leaf!

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Week 7 – Manga Mania

Manga comic books and graphic novels are always popular in our library so we held a Manga art class. Our amazingly talented senior art students helped run the class showing our Makerspace students how to draw in distinctive Manga style. We also discussed all things Manga, history, favourite titles, characters, styles and genres.

Week 8 – Lanterns for the Luminous Lantern Parade

Makerspace student made beautiful Magnolia Lanterns for the All Hallows’ Human Rights Group to carry at the Luminous Lantern Parade. Now in its 15th year, LUMINOUS is one of Queensland’s largest welcome events, capturing the imagination of Queenslanders with its spectacular use of light to symbolise hope and create welcome for new Queenslanders.

The spectacular lantern procession, held on Friday 10 June at South Bank wound its way on a short and symbolic walk down the promenade taking in the sites of the city skyline. The Parade ended at the South Bank Piazza for a vibrant World Music Concert, with the lanterns bathed in the luminous light symbolising welcome and hope for many people from all over the world, especially our newest Queenslanders.

Week 9 – Moving to our new Makerspace

We are so excited to be moving to our new library and brand new Makerspace in Term 3. We look forward to showing you all the exciting things we will be creating and discovering in our new space.

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