Makerspace Activities in Action Term 4

24 November, 2021

Makerspace started the term with SPLAT 3D design. SPLATs are an award winning template tool that help students draw 3D objects. Thinking and communicating in 3D is not just essential for design, research shows that developing these 3D thinking skills promotes success across all STEAM fields and related trades. (

Creating Spooky Stories was a huge hit in McAuley Library! This year we had a competition to write and illustrate a really Spooky Story in exactly 10 words. Creepy creativity and gruesome graphics made for some hectic competition to win a ‘build your own robotic bug’ kit.

During week three the students were busy creating spooky bookmarks and origami bats. The students followed online instructions for the origami bats and let their imaginations run wild with creating bookmarks from paddle pop sticks with foam, felt and cardboard collage materials.

Week 4 continuing on with the Spooky Stories theme, drama teachers and Library staff read Spooky Stories at lunch time and the students made Haunted House collage treat bags.

Week 5 was very challenging and very popular Friendship Bracelets in AHS colours of blue, white and brown. The students found this activity initially quite difficult, but with determination and patience they managed to learn a new skill they can continue to develop over the summer holidays, trying out new designs and colours.

Christmas Craft filled the final weeks of Term 4, 2021. Architecture and design were explored with two types of Christmas villages. Provided with a basic cardboard template, the students removed window and door spaces and backed the buildings with baking paper to made windows to filter sunlight or electric Christmas lights. Students then filled in the architectural features with chalk pens in both 2D and 3D styles. Woven Star ornaments posed a challenge for students requiring coordination and precision to achieve a great end result. We cut out Christmas shapes in fusible glitter vinyl the ‘Cricut’ cutter and students brought in a t-shirt from home to iron-on a design. Students were also able to make their own Christmas cards using stamps and collage materials.

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