Drones “Healthcare in the Himalayas”

8th October, 2021

Drones buzzing in Loretto Hall. This year the year 6 students from the Digital Technologies unit have been learning to code drones.

The challenge of this activity was to design a carrier that could be attached to the drone which would be filled with medical supplies. This would then be transported over the mountains to people in need.

The first thing to consider was the weight and size of the box, taking into account the weight of the medical supplies within.

The next thing to do was test and modify the coding of a flight pattern. Making sure that the drone can take off and land with the carrier attached. The students were able to test this with an inbuild program at this stage.

Finally the students had to write and test their own code to successfully take off and land at all destinations. using branching, looping and iteration in order to create the most efficient code for the drone. Once tested the student were asked to take a snip of their code and a photo of the successful drone and carrier to put in the final page for assessment.

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