Welcome to the Potter Library

All Hallows’ School Library began in 1882 as Children of Mary Library, it was housed in the Main Building on its completion. Tall glass-fronted bookcases were installed, and the room became the Children of Mary library – or simply the library – (Dieu et Devoir page 251).

The early books, of which we have a few in the School Archives, had black cloth covers. The library was open Sunday mornings for Boarders. Until 1917 this library was under the care of the Mother Mary Patrick Potter.

1972 – The library/science building was opened and named the Potter Building after Reverend Mother Mary Patrick Potter on her 100-year anniversary of service to All Hallows’ School (1872 to 1922). The library retained its name Mother Mary Patrick Potter Memorial Library.

In 2019 our Potter building underwent a total refurbishment, completion of this project was in July 2022. Now spanning across four levels, incorporating Head of House offices, ICT, Senior Learning Centre, Potter Library and Sports Offices. Check out the fly-through video below for a peek!


Activities developed in the Makerspace value inquiry, invention and exploration of new ways of doing things and learning new skills.   


We provide a safe, nurturing library space that promotes creativity, innovation and exploration of new ideas and the development of hard and soft skills.


We aspire to provide opportunities for students to develop literacy and research skills whilst maintaining a vast and interesting collection that encourages reading for pleasure.

Opening Hours

7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
7:30 AM – 5:00 PM


The AHS Library Service connects its community with skills, spaces and information needed to support learning, recreation and the Mercy ethos.


To provide high quality physical and digital resources to all students and staff. We ensure all students have equitable access to the collection that supports a dynamic and holistic curriculum. Furthermore, we aspire to provide opportunities to develop literacy and research skills whilst maintaining a vast and interesting collection that encourages reading for pleasure.


We seek to intentionally form young women whose words and actions embody our values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Compassion, Joy and Justice

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Acknowledgement of Country

All Hallows’ School acknowledges the Australian
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this
nation. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of
the lands on which our school is located, the Turrbal
and Jagera people. We pay our respects to ancestors
and elders past, present and emerging.

All Hallows’ School is committed to honouring
Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
peoples’ unique cultural and spiritual relationships to
the land, waters and seas and their rich contribution
to society.