YA Spring Holiday Reads 2022

Take your reading outside these holidays with a book from the library! #AHStimes20 Follow our Instagram page for more book news! dRAMA ROMANCE FANTASY MYSTERY & CRIME SCIENCE FICTION MANGA NON-FICTION Is there a book you’d like us to add to our collection? Add your suggestion below!

Staff Holiday Reads Spring 2022

Spring into these great books over the holidays! If you’re too busy to come into the library, just email us at library@ahs.qld.edu.au and we can reserve your book and leave it in your pigeon hole. FOLLOW OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE FOR MORE LIBRARY UPDATES & BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS – CLICK HERE #AHStimes20 bIOGRAPHY & NON-FICTION dRAMA MYSTERY &…

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 4, 2022

Commencing in Week 3, Term 4 – In the new Technology Workshop! Check out the short video below to see what we have coming up in Cre8 Lab next term! Sign on sheets will be available from week 1 at the Level 1 counter in the library.

Library Scoop Year 7 & 8 Term 3 2022

This year the library has adopted the hashtag #AHStimes20 The idea behind this is that we encourage all students, staff and caregivers to read for 20 minutes a day. Follow us on socials for reading ideas and promotions that support this. Click the Instagram logo to head straight to our page. Click the Library Scoop…

Makerspace Activities Term 3 , 2022

Visit Makerspace in the new library! Makerspace will be available from week 1, Term 3 in our new library! We can’t wait to see you there. Check out the below video for our exciting workshops.

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 3, 2022

Commencing in Week 4, Term 3 – In the new library! Visit the new library in Term 3 and see our Cre8 Lab! Check out what we have planned in the short video below. Sign on sheets will be available Term 3, week 1 in the new library.

Makerspace Activities in Action Term 2 2022

Term 2, 2022 An action packed term in Makerspace with a strong STEAM focus for our curious and creative inventors. Week 1 – Lego We Do The students amazed us by constructing designs with Lego and then using motors and code blocks to program their creations to move. Some students followed the guidelines and created…

Cre8 Lab Workshop #4 Manga Masterclass

Term 2, 2022 Manga are Japanese comics or graphic novels and they are very popular in the Library at AHS. The storytelling is created through very expressive black and white line drawings with limited reliance on text. The world of Manga is multi-billion dollar industry, immensely popular with people of every age in Japan and…