Makerspace Activities During Term 3

17th August, 2021

The makerspace started with Naidoc activities during our celebration of Naidoc week at All Hallows’. Students were encouraged to participate in colouring in large posters with indigenous designs. Colouring in is a mindfulness activity that relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety and brings your awareness back to the present moment. “Care for Country” was the theme for 2021 and the posters had descriptions of the artwork and its meaning, which was something the students could discuss while colouring in.

Week two and the makerspace students are having fun with fonts. The most popular font by far is the bubble font. Handwriting is unique to every individual, and everybody has their own creative flair, it is also helps to slow down and fully engage with our thoughts, which is beneficial to our welbeing.⁠⁠ fantastic fonts girls!

During week three the students were busy creating Junk Bots and Balloon powered cars. Diving into their imagination and using recycled materials for the Junk Bots. As well as testing their balloon powered cars to see who’s car could go the fastest.

The most popular activity this term was, and is always the Macramé activities. The students all wanted to create a dreamcatcher. Although this is a challenging activity, hat’s off to all the students for their persistence and also a big thank you to the students that assisted others after they had finished making their dreamcatcher.

The final two activities for the term consisted of a light up Father’s Day bookmark and a light up bracelet. The students learnt how a circuit works and the importance of the positive and negative side of the led and battery. There is always a bit of trouble shooting when we do this activity, but the smiles on the faces is worth it.

Then it was very busy with house choir practice for Mercy Day.

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