Macramé Madness in the Makerspace

19th October, 2020

Last week and this week in the Makerspace the students have been madly creating their Macramé Pot Hangers. It is fantastic to see the students working together and helping each other learn new knots. They have a selection of colours to choose from and some of the girls have mixed two colours together to create something that is uniquely theirs.

Macramé is one of our most popular activities, and great to see such a vintage art becoming popular again.

Macramé is therapeutic in nature. Pulling and working of the cords helps to strengthen the hands and arms. It helps to loosen the joints. Some people find that macramé, an art of repetitive knots used to create designs is meditative bringing with it peace and calmness of mind.,peace%20and%20calmness%20of%20mind.

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