19th February, 2019

Student’s interest soars in new drone’s unit.

It’s one thing to fly a drone, but to actually build a city, host a natural disaster and write the code for a rescue mission is an experience like no other. So, it’s fair to say Year 6 students were flying high after doing just that during a six-week taster unit on drone technology.

Using mathematics, the students designed a city that was placed on a grid like system. They measured distances and height in and around this space to use when programming the heights and distances the drone could fly. The girls then set about creating a city, using recycled materials, designing, making and collaborating, to build a mini city. The girls then began a series of lessons that looked at the role drones have in real life disasters. They gathered information about natural disasters and discussed how they could use their city and drone to assist in a natural disaster. The girls then proceeded to use thinking and design processes to plan, program and test the necessary code for their drone’s expedition.

Overall the girls enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the unit of work.


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