Paper Cut Out Light Boxes

19th February, 2019

During this week the students at the Cre8 Lab have been working on their Light Boxes. It is very important to make sure to cut all the pieces out as neatly and precisely as possible for the desired result. Some of the girls have chosen quite a difficult pattern and I am happy to see that they are patiently cutting out and not rushing to finish. Some of the girls may be finished this week, however we can continue into week 5 with this workshop to gives the students more time.

After the pages are cut out, the next process is to divide them up by adding foam to the back of each design, cut out a nice frame to secure around the outside, then the final step will be to add the back sheet and secure the LED light strip to the back.

We are all looking forward to the finished product.

After a couple of weeks of patiently cutting out the patterns, the students are now finishing off their works. Some of these works have a real “Wow” factor.

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