Macramé Dreamcatcher

17th August, 2021

We are now is finishing off week, after a week in lock down. The students are very close to finishing their dreamcatchers and enjoying the process of decorating with flowers and feathers.

6th August 2021.

During the first week of Term 3 the students in the Cre8 Lab are back enjoying the ancient craft of knot making. They are now much faster and understand the different knots by name, so it is a pleasure to teach. The students that are more practiced are taking it upon themselves to teach the new students which is very inspiring to see. The atmosphere in the art rooms is exciting as the first stages of the dreamcatcher come together, and the girls can then see it taking shape and that each one will be beautiful, organic and original.

The Cre8 Lab was gifted some beautiful doilies a few years ago and it is nice to utilise these in the dreamcatcher, as well as cord, ribbons, flowers, beads and lace trim.

With a bit of a short week and many other school commitments, the Dreamcatchers will be continued during week 5. Looking forward to seeing the finished creations? Check this post in a couple of weeks time.

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