Drones and Robots

13th November, 2021

Library lessons at All Hallows’ School have been very exciting this term with Drones and Robots.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a drone in the library. Term 4 saw the Year 6 students flying and coding drones. The girls were able to download the Tello Education app on their own device in order to prepare, test and code a flight mission for a Tello drone. Using mathematical knowledge of distance, height, angles, and degrees the girls were able to build code from simple to more complicated flight missions. The final week saw the girls pairing up to create code that allowed them to fly the drones simultaneously. They also had the opportunity to fly them via the remote controls.

Dancing Robots

The Year 5 students this term have been developing their coding and programming skills, including problem-solving, to drive EV3 robots. This week they worked together as a team to creatively program their robots to dance – a sequence of steps involving going forwards, backwards, spinning and making sounds.

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