Makerspace Activities Term 4, 2019

19th November, 2019

This term has been very busy in the makerspace. We began the term with God’s Eyes which is always popular. The library is very fortunate to receive donations of fabric and yarn during the year and we are always choosing activities in which we can repurpose, recycle and reuse.

The second week of term 4 is almost always focused on the years 5 and 6 science projects. The makerspace has all the supplies for the students to come into the space and work on their projects. A lot of cardboard boxes are used in the process, so the library staff are busy collecting them for the students.

Week 3 was SLIME week. As you can imagine this activity is one of the favorite activities of all time. So we had to have a sign-in sheet on the wall, you can see by the picture of the sign in sheet below just how busy this activity was. This year we decided that the students could use glitter in the slime. Was that a good decision? We may have to reconsider next year.

Week 4 is the week of the celebration of All Hallows’ Day, so we have some fun with the students in the library, offering spooky stories at lunchtime, under out “PositiviTree”. The teachers dressed up in scary costumes to add to the effect.

The girls also made ‘Scaredy Cats’ out of paper plates.

Week 5 was International Games Week and our makerspace was set up with all the games that we have, including the giant games. During this week the Lego table is usually full.

Onto week 6 and the students were able to use a couple of new Ipad apps to create a short stop motion film using the green screen and iMotion. Then they transferred the video into Do Ink and added in a background image as well as animated characters that are available on the App. The girls worked together in a team of two and when the movie was finished they could quickly email their file to each other through the app also. Photos to come.

During the last week of makerspace, the students will be working on Christmas crafts to take home for the festive season.

All in all it was a successful term in the makerspace and as always, a chaotic and creative space. Just the way we like it!

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