McAuley Makerspace Term 2, 2019

11th June, 2019

Makerspace Term 2 has been super popular!

We stared the term with mask painting inspired by the 2019 Whole School Project – Building Bingavia. We looked at traditional masks and art from Papua New Guinea and the students used paints and paper plates to create the masks. Week 2 was super busy with two types of pop-up (exploding) cards for Mother’s Day. We also ran this as a classroom activity with two grade five classes so it was quite a big week with over 150 cards made. This was a challenging project for the students as directions had to be followed closely for the cards to ‘pop’, and it was a great success.

Week 3 we repeated last year’s very popular Mother’s Day scrub. The girls mix, package and label a scrub made of sugar, coconut and essential oils, 150 scrubs were made this year.

In our preparation for Open day the students spent the next two weeks getting the ‘Lego We Do’ constructed and coded and the squishy circuit AHS Bakery display ready. The students made cupcakes and biscuits out of playdoh which we decorated with LED light circuits to show the conductivity of playdoh. Open day was very successful with lots of interest and amazement about all that we do in Makerspace at AHS. Week 6 so no set activity so the students constructed all the Lego Architecture kits including the Leaning Tower of Piza and the Lincoln Memorial. We also took delivery of the new Lego table which is very popular and has inspired some great free-style creations.

Week 7 we made heart shaped felt bag tags, the students had to trace, cut, stitch and stuff the hearts. Many of the girls had never threaded a needle or sewed before so it was a great learning experience.

About 60 hearts were made all up and a couple of students moved onto their own designs including a tiger. Week 8 took the stitching to a new level and the students made scrunchies. This involved more technical aspects of sewing a tube, turning the tube inside out and gathering the fabric onto elastic. Week 9 was technology week, the students were able to get hands on experience the google expeditions, dot and dash, spheros and code combat.

Additions to our makerspace this term have been the giant games, which have proved popular, and most recently the Lego table which is crowded both before school and lunchtimes, some fantastic creations have been made so far.

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