CRE8 Lab: 3D Print Earrings

Workshop #2, Term 2, 2023

3D printing has always been popular in CRE8 Lab, and now with the addition of two brand new printers in the workshop, our students enjoyed designing some eye-catching earrings. The workshop was not only an opportunity for attendees to experiment with 3D printing technology, but also a chance to connect with other like-minded students.

Using Tinkercad, which is a free, web-based program that is easy to use and allows for the creation of simple 3D designs, students began with a geometric shape, before adding channels in which to thread pieces of coloured filament left over from 3Doodler Pens to create fun designs. Once the designs were ready, participants were able to watch as their earrings were printed in real-time.

Finishing off with a quick lesson in adding jewellery findings to their finished products, this workshop was a fun and engaging way for students to explore the potential of 3D printing technology while creating something beautiful and functional in the process.

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