Author Visit with Tristan Bancks

24th October, 2022

During Term Four the students from year 5 and 6 were treated with a visit from popular Young Adult and Middle Grade author, Tristan Bancks.

Tristan gathered with the students in our new Potter Room, where he chatted animatedly about his books, the Tom Weekly series, The Fall, Two Wolves, Detention and of course his new release Cop & Robber.

Year 6 classes were also involved in small writing workshops, where Tristan explained his writing processes and how he uses his own life experience as inspiration for characters and story.

The students were encouraged to share an embellished experience (similar to the game, two truths and a lie) and have others guess which part they had made up. This kind of hands-on learning was a fabulous example of how the students can weave a lived experience with fiction to create their own stories.

Tristan also took time out to answer questions, sign books and have an impromptu photo shoot.

Thank you to Tristan for such an engaging and fun learning experience. We look forward to seeing him again at AHS.

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