Cre8 Lab Workshop #4 Manga Masterclass

Term 2, 2022

Manga are Japanese comics or graphic novels and they are very popular in the Library at AHS. The storytelling is created through very expressive black and white line drawings with limited reliance on text. The world of Manga is multi-billion dollar industry, immensely popular with people of every age in Japan and increasingly across the world; and with genres including drama, action & adventure, mystery, romance and horror; there’s a manga for everyone.

The collection of Manga comic books and graphic novels at AHS Libray are always in hot demand so we thought we’d offer a Manga art experience to our students. In Cre8 Lab this term we ran a lunchtime Manga drawing masterclass with the assistance of our talented senior art students.

The classes evolved into a lunchtime Manga soiree where students and staff discussed all things Manga – history, genres, characters and artistic styles. Students and staff enjoyed the collaboration and developed their skills in drawing the distinctive body shapes, large eyes, hair, noses and mouths in various Manga styles. The classes were very popular so we extended the experience to our Makerspace students as workshops run by our AHS Manga fans and talented student artists.

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