Virtual Author Visit Nova Weetman

7th October, 2021

During Term four the students from year 5 and 6 were very excited to have a Virtual Author visit from Nova Weetman.

The students were lucky enough to gather in our school theatre and connect with Nova through skype on our huge screen in Claver theatre.

Nova chatted with the students about her books, which are very popular in our library, The Sick Room, The Secrets we Keep and The Secrets we Share.

The students in both year levels were instructed on creating characters. They were all given a character sheet to work through with Nova. They learnt to create a new and interesting character. The students then made their own character profile and were encouraged to write their own short story.

Nova demonstrated how she creates a character using a simple chart with fears and wants. Then she filled in the chart with personality likes, friends, family, setting etc.

Nova also simplified the process of writing so the students could easily create a story with their new character.

Thank you Nova! Definitely one of our favourite author visits.

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