Mini Mosaic Jewellery

6th August, 2021

Week 2 in the Cre8 Lab and we are all having fun with teeny tiny tiles. The atmosphere was tense as the students selected their tiles and started to design a pattern that would then be transferred onto their pendant. You could hear a pin drop, which is very unusual… so good to have them all engaged in the creative process of design. Of course there were teeny tiny tiles everywhere, I think a few were lost on the floor during the clean-up but all in all we survived.

After their design was decided upon then the transferring and gluing started, which was more challenging than first thought, with some designs being too big and other too small, so with a bit more maneuvering the tiles we set in place. Time to wait.

The next step was to add the grout to fill in any gaps, this is something that you have to take care doing because you can cover over these tiny tiles altogether if you are not careful. So the students had to wait again for the grout to dry before polishing and finishing off their piece.

While they were waiting some of the students decided that they would add some mosaics to a rock, so we scouted around outside for the perfect rock and created another design.

All in all, great fun was had with mosaics!

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