Air Dry Clay Image Transfer

6th August, 2021

The third workshop this term is an Image transfer onto air dry clay. The students had a selection of images that were already printed to choose from, or they were able to print an image of their own for their clay.

The project was to make either some drink coasters, or a medallion wall hanging.

After warming up the clay, the students rolled out the clay onto a flat surface and cut three to four circles using a cookie cutter. They then cut the image to suit the size of the clay and moistened the top of the circle until it was slightly sticky. Each image was then slightly wet both sides so it would adhere to the clay. Then it was a case of patting the image very lightly so it became part of the clay. Then give them time to dry…

After the clay had dried, it was now time to add some gold gilding around the edges and also paint a few details onto their image. Some students just left their clay circles plane so they could paint their own designs. The final step was to lacquer the items to give them a glossy look and protect the image from wear and tear.

Well done everyone, they look terrific!

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