Glitter Heat Transfer T Shirts

3rd August, 2020

Last week the Cre8 Lab hosted a Glitter Heat Transfer workshop. The students were asked to bring in a T Shirt or something that they wanted to decorate. Working in Word, everybody was asked to find or create a image or images and put together a design of something that was special to them. Some of the students decided to add text to their image.

The image was then saved into jpeg format and send to the computer that was attached to the Silhouette Cameo machine. Within this program the students learnt to: re-size, create a cutting line, group, and reverse the image before it was ready to be cut.

After the design was cut, the students had to “weed” the heat transfer vinyl of any parts of the image that was not needed. This proved to be a lengthy task for some, depending on how intricate their design was. The final process was ironing on the design to the T Shirt and then pealing back the plastic film.

Everybody enjoyed the process, and you can see from the smiles that they were happy with their work.

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