Silk Painted Fan

13th July, 2020

First day back in Term 3, and the Cre8 Lab is up and running. To start the term, our first workshop is on Silk Painting. The library was able to purchase a selection of silk fans, in three different shapes to use for an introduction into silk painting.

After choosing their design, the students traced their image onto the fan using pencil, then they used Gutta (a thick substance that is made from latex) to trace over their pencil lines and separate sections of the design. This is a method used to keep the silk paints from bleeding into one another. After letting the gutta dry for 24 hours the students were able to add the silk paints and give their design some colour. Below are some photos of the design process.

Fun Facts

Silk is created by silkworms – the bombyx mori moth. This moth is one of the earliest domesticated animals. It needs human intervention to survive because it cannot fly.

Silk is the strongest natural fiber. For its weight, it is stronger than steel. As a result, silk has been used as sails on boats, as parachutes, in hot air balloons, and as armor.

Silk painting was believed to date as far back as 476 BC, reaching it’s height of popularity as an art form in the western Han dynasty, 206BC to 25AD.

Tracing the design and adding the Gutta

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