Staff Holiday Reads Gift Pack

26th June 2020

At the end of every term, the library sends out information to teachers and staff at All Hallows’ School about new and interesting books that we have available in the library to read over the holidays.

We are advocates for lifelong learning and our aim is to inspire everyone to keep reading for pleasure as well as research.

This year because of COVID19 we were not able to have a staff book talk and morning tea, so instead we used LibWizard to create a survey form for the teachers and staff to complete, with questions about favourite genres, which books they preferred in the list we provided, and also what other books they might like to read. We also asked if they had any dietary requirements.

With such a great response, we had to go out and purchase new books to fill all the orders! When the staff came to collect their books they were also greeted with a gift pack which included a couple of treats, a coffee or hot chocolate sachet, and a bookmark from the library staff.

To all our wonderful staff, have a great winter break and we will see you next term.

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