AHS eSports

12th November, 2019

In week 5 of term 4, students have been participating in a Rocket League eSports tournament on the Nintendo Switch. In teams of two, competitive and determined, students returned across the week eager to continue challenges against rival teams. Students were encouraged to use strategic decision making and were seen adapting to each new team’s playstyle. Many stayed on as spectators after their own matches to encourage and cheer on their teammates. Like traditional sports, eSports can teach team building, leadership, and communication skills. In addition, it also fosters student engagement and interest in STEM subjects. We finished the week with four teams making the finals and two of these playing a grand final much to everyone’s excitement.

ESports are increasingly being recognised as a professional and legitimate sporting endeavour and schools are embracing its benefits. As universities begin to offer eSporting scholarships, eSports are opening new learning opportunities and pathways into tertiary education. Most notable is the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) as the first Australian university to offer eSports scholarships as part of their elite athletes’ program.

Below are the students who made it into the finals, and the group of four are the girls who played in the grand-final. Congratulations girls!

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