3Doodler Pen Art Workshop

17th October 2019

It is week 2 of term 4 and the 3Doodler Pen Art workshop is gaining momentum. What started off as just a few students learning the art of 3D pens has now turned into a full workshop with new students coming along every day.

Because we have a number of these pens, I have been able to accommodate their creative minds and encourage as many students as possible to take the time and learn how to use the 3Doodler with its intricacies and limitations.

Each student starts off thinking the pen is “just too hard!” but the ones that have persisted have been pleasantly surprised with their creations. Of course we have had some students that can get the knack “right off the bat” also.

Now that they have started to have success, I would love to bring the pens out again before the end of term and give them some more complex designs to complete.

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