All Hallows’ Main Building

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Main building was built in 1882, however it was much smaller than it appears now. It was actually built over four stages.

The first stage was opened in 1882 and contained classrooms and boarding areas for the students.

Around this time the music practice rooms where also built.

The second stage happened in 1901 and was a direct extension of the original main building. As shown in the first picture above, you can see that the original building had three turrets on each side whereas it now has four. This extension allowed for extra classrooms as well as other spaces including a concert hall.

The third stage was known as the ‘university wing’ and was built in 1919, around this time they also built above the music rooms and created a walk way that bridged the two buildings. This was to accommodate the growing student population as well as teaching older students work skills like typing.

The fourth stage in 1934 saw the incorporation of music practice rooms into a united facade to match the university wing and main building.

The final stage in 1940 was to add an annexe university building,

Since this time the external structure of the building has remained mainly unchanged, however the internal structures, layouts and uses of the rooms has constantly evolved.

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