Laser Printing on Material

6th August, 2019

Rolling on to week three and the students have started working on the final workshop for this term, being the Laser Printing on Material workshop. The first step was to design something that would fit onto an A4 sheet of paper, working on their devices, the students had to decide what they wanted to print, if they wanted to add wording or other images to their design and also if they wanted to print for a pillow cover or a wall hanging. Most of the students went for the wall hanging.

Printing on material has a few stages, firstly you have to iron the material onto a sheet of freezer paper, cut this to exactly A4 size making sure to be precise with no stray threads, and then for extra precaution I instructed the students to use sticky tape to seal the edges of the A4 sheet. They then printed their design in colour from the outside tray of our library printer. We used poplin or calico material.

After printing the design the students started on attaching the print to coloured material using embroidery cotton, and of course putting their individual touches to their projects.

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