Macramé Wall Hanging Workshop

23rd July, 2019

A big welcome back to all the Cre8 Lab students for Term 3. We started the term running on Wednesday with the Macramé Wall Hanging workshop. Most of the students remembered that they had signed up to attend even though we had a two week break. So it was a full house and very exciting.

Fun Facts:

Macramé is an art that was invented in the 13th-century by Arab weavers who knotted the excess thread and yarn on the edges of fabrics which were hand-loomed. This added decoration to the work to create veils and shawls etc. The art was eventually introduced to England in the late 17th century. Sailors made Macramé objects while at sea to sell when they went to shore and they called the process “square knotting” which is the knot that is used often today, and the knot that the students learnt first in this workshop.

Enjoy the photos below of the students progress and some of the finished products. This workshop was only for 3 days, and the students were so enthusiastic that the Cre8 Lab area was a hive of activity before and after School hours. Well done girls!

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