Steampunk Desk Top Organiser

29th October, 2018

On to the second and third week of term 4, and the Cre8 Lab workshops are going strong.  The Steampunk Desk Top Organiser workshop has been very popular, however there have been several days where students were not able to attend because of other commitments, so we have extended the workshop into week 3 and some will be finishing off during the next couple of days.

This workshop has been a very messy one, and the girls have loved it.  Because of the drying time for glue and paint, it has taken longer than expected, but we are now on the home run.

Using all recycled materials, food cartons, food tins, paper towel rolls and other boxes. The items are decoupaged with pages of old encyclopaedias, then distressed with ink and paint and decorated with washi tape, braid, ribbon, cogs, chains and trinkets.  The finished products are looking fantastic. Everyone with their own individual flare.

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