Foam Sock Puppets

7th August, 2018.

All the Foam Sock Puppets are complete and the students have had a wonderful time creating them.  During the following week they are working on a short film starring the puppets within the grounds of the school.  I have given them a challenge, encouraging them to use the 360 cameras that we have available in the Library.  Take a look at our finished puppets.

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31st July, 2018.

The Cre8 Lab has how started the first workshop for term 3.

Because the school is busy with other extra curriculum activities during the beginning of term, the students haven’t had much of a chance to create at lunchtime. So our workshops have been delayed. Yesterday (Monday) was our first day and the students have made great progress with their Puppets, we even have some finished projects already.

The puppets are made from cardboard and foam which creates the mouthpiece, and then covered with a fluffy sock. All the detail is then added with felt, polystyrene balls, and a bit of yarn or feathers, and whatever takes your fancy to give the puppets their own individual character. We have a slightly kooky rabbit, to a crazy vampire in the making.

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