Clay Lace Jewellery Bowl

18th April, 2018

Today there were several  students starting on their clay bowls.  Some of the girls have become more creative, making some clay flowers to add to their bowls.  They are all very excited to come back to finish off at the end of this week.

17th April, 2018

The first workshop for the Cre8 Lab this term is Clay Lace Jewellery Bowls.  The students are making a bowl from air dry clay, and decorating it with an imprint of a lace doily or a lace braid.  Air dry clay is simple and easy to work with, light weight and dries overnight usually.  However it is not able to be washed, just wiped over if it needs cleaning.  After the bowl has dried for 24 hours they will then stain and lacquer their creation ready for mother’s day.  Some lucky students had enough clay to make two bowls.

I am looking forward to the finished results.

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