Paper Beads

Collection of paper beads.

6th March 2018

The final workshop for term one was paper beads.  All the students that attended were very excited to create some original beads to use in a jewellery project.

  • The first step was to decide on a pattern and colour that would work well when the paper was rolled into an oval or round shape.
  • Step two was to cut the paper into long,  triangular-shaped strips, the longer the strip the more round the shape of the bead.
  • Step 3,  roll the paper strip onto a skewer firmly and
    Finished wired paper bead bracelet.

    continue rolling, making sure that the paper is centered, then glue the last 2 inches of the paper at the end to secure.

All the beads were then embossed with clear embossing powder to give them the glass effect.

These beads are more challenging that what they appear.  And this workshop was a test of persistence for some students.  The beauty of a paper bead is that it is easy and quick to start again and learn from doing.

Of course the part the students really looked forward to was creating their jewellery.  Some chose to make a pair of earrings, while others decided on a more challenging bracelet.


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