3D Printed Cupcake Key rings

22nd November, 2017

During the week, members of the library staff were asked to run an activity for a Year 9 ICT class.  This was an end of year treat for the class who had finished all their assessments.  The best activity to suit the timeframe was to teach the students the basics of Tinkercad, a simple online 3D design program that uses basic shapes to quickly and easily produce a 3D printable object.

Following the theme of the ITC classes for this term, the students were set a task to design a Cupcake key ring to hang on their bags.

A few instructions on how to navigate the platform, group shapes together, centre objects, export and save their files were all that was needed for the students to get their creative minds active.

After 2 periods of designing, the students were ready to print.

Here are some of their creations.

The only thing to do now is to paint their cupcakes and attach them to a key ring.

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