Stop Go Animation Landscape

23rd October 2017

All the students have finished the Landscape and are on to the filming workshop for the stop go animation.

The miniature worlds look fantastic and the LEDs give it a little bit of sparkle to the scene.

Each student was given a large piece of wood, moss, rocks, foliage and other bits and pieces to create a “bug world”.  They had so much fun,  and every world is different.

9th October 2017

The newest workshop for the Cre8 Lab is our Stop Go Animation Landscape.  Now that the students have finished or nearly finished their bugs, the next stage is to create a Miniature Landscape for them.

Most of the girls have a story line organized, so working out the landscape is a simple task.

We have lots of supplies for them to use to create this mystical place… ready for the dancing bugs.

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  1. This was so fun!! And I got to play with glitter!!

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