Stop Go Clay Animation

14 November, 2017

The Students have since finished their Stop Go Claymation movies and we had our Premiere last month.  Here are the short movies they created


23rd October, 2017

The students are coming along with the Stop Go animation.  We have two students left to film, the others are working in Adobe Premiere Elements 15 to add the background image, music, and special FX to their final movie.

The Library is hosting a Cre8 Lab Showcase and Movie premier on the 31st of October to show the finished movies and all the finished projects for this year.


Prototypes for the Stop Go Clay Animation Bugs.

We have created a couple of examples for the students to use as references and for us also to workout the pitfalls and learn the Stop Motion Pro animation program that is available for the students to use.

We used a Canon camera and set it up on a tripod that didn’t move, the tablet was then connected via USB.  When logged into the program, you can use the space bar to take the pictures, there is an onion skin available to check on the movement of your puppet, and there is a green screen capability which the students will be using in their Bug movies.

This program was so much fun…  you can even add your  background image/movie and music before you save, however, I think that I will show the students how to do this via Adobe Premiere Elements 15, so they can experience both programs.




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