Light up Masquerade Masks

26th August

Finished Masks and happy faces.  My favorite thing ever.


23rd August

The Cre8 Lab students have really excelled with this workshop, everybody has gained confidence to be individual in their designs and it is great to see so many different styles.  Some have finished now and others are just putting the finishing touches on.

Fantastic Work!!


16th August

Workshop has started and the students are doing well, everyone has chosen a design and is well on the way.

New workshop available.

Learn how to create a foam masquerade LED light up mask.  Mold the foam to suit the contours of the face, paint techniques to replicate leather and metal.  Light up your mask with LED lights and decorate with wire and feathers.   Inquire at the Potter Library counter for more information.


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  1. Jorja Vlug says:

    It was really fun making the masks.
    Just don’t get hot glue on you fingers while it is still wet… It is hot.

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