LED light up fascinators

5th August,


All the students that participated in the Light Up Fascinator Workshop have now finished their Top Hats.  Great work girls,  now we need another challenge perhaps we can incorporate lights and feathers to a 3D printed mask to celebrate the olympic games in RIO.

Check out the pics below and scroll down to see all the designs.


1st August,

Most of the students from the second workshop have completed or nearly completed their Top Hat light up fascinators.  Everybody has enjoyed themselves and are pleased with their creation.

Check out some of the completed ones.  Great work !


20th July,

Check out the Mad Hatters creative work… Beautiful.


19th July,

A new group of student has joined the Cre8 Lab LED light up fascinator workshop. You are all welcome to post a message to this blog, give some suggestions on future workshops and let us know how you have enjoyed this workshop.

Here are a few pics of the progress so far

Today  14th July,

The students are nearly finished their Top Hats, it is getting exciting now

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Six students starting their LED light up fascinators today.  They are all doing really well and I can hardly wait to see their finished products.

The general consensus is to complete a mini Top Hat.

Tomorrow the girls will start on their hats…stay tuned



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  1. Jorja Vlug says:

    I have just finished my top hat, and even though it was really fiddly at times it is so worth the finished product.
    Well worth a try

    1. I am glad that you liked it, and I know how fiddly it was to do. Fantastic job Jorja. If you have any tips for making things easier I would love to hear from you.

  2. The Mad Hatter says:

    Super fun to make, great crowd and lots of cool types of fascinators to make. Thanks for helping us out Miss Skeers! <3

    1. Thanks Emily, I’m glad you are enjoying it, thanks for all your support with the new students. Look forward to future creative adventures with you. Check out your pics on my update soon.

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