Makerspace Activities in Action Term 1 2022

Term 1, 2022 We had a chaotic start to the year with the first two weeks of school delayed due to the pandemic. Over the following weeks many students and staff were absent due to being close contacts or having Covid-19, and had to isolate and work from home. Then in Week 6 the school…

Makerspace Activities Term 1 , 2022

A Sneak Peek Let your imagination stretch as we embark on the Makerspace activities for the start of 2022! Bring your enthusiasm, creativity and innovation to a space where all are welcomed. Watch this short presentation to see what we have planned.

Makerspace Activities Term 1 2021

The Makerspace will be up and running as usual next year, and we have some great activities for the students to choose from. Always during the beginning of every year we have “Get to know you” activities for the first few weeks. Check out the presentation below to see what is happening during the first…

Makerspace Activities Term 3 2020

All our middle school students are eagerly awaiting the McAuley Makerspace being reopened in Term 3. Seeing that this term has been affected with Learning@Home and only having 4 weeks of on campus learning with restrictions, we are expecting the Makerspace will be a popular space to be. Watch the presentation to see the activities…

Makerspace Activities Term 1 2019

30th November, 2019 All set to go with the Makerspace activities for next year during term 1.  Check out the presentation to see what we have planned.