3Doodler Activity

28th June, 2019 During the last week of school, students from Year 9 History were lucky enough to utilise our Library 3D printer and also the new 3Doodler pens during class. Because their unit was Indian history, the students were asked to find an artefact or something relating to the subject in Thingiverse. Then they…

All Hallows’ Open Day 2019

31st May, 2019 Last Sunday 26th of May was the annual All Hallows’ Open day.  This year we had over 2000 visitors come to see our school and learn a little bit about the All Hallows’ spirit.  Students assisted in many areas of the school, looking after visitors and taking tours, as well as staff…

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 1 2019

30th November, 2019 The workshops for next year will be commencing in week 2 of Term 1.  Below is a presentation of what is scheduled.

Steampunk Top Hats

6th September, 2018 All the top hats are finished now, and we really have a variety of styles.  Check them out! 28th August, 2018 The students have been very busy last week and this week with the last workshop for the term, Steampunk Top Hats. The girls had to construct their top hat using black…

All Hallows’ School Open Day

25th May, 2018 AHS Open Day is this weekend, Sunday 27th May.  The school is expecting a record crowd, and our Libraries are busy preparing for the day.   The Potter Library Cre8 Lab is ready with two large display cabinets full of students work and examples of the past workshops. We also have an…

3D Printed LED Sequin Pendant

25th May, 2018 More pendants finished during this week.  Well done girls.   14th May, 2018 During week three and four of this term, the Cre8 Lab students were busy designing and building a 3D printed light up pendant.   The first step was to design the front of the pendant using Tinkercad, which is an…

Paper Beads

6th March 2018 The final workshop for term one was paper beads.  All the students that attended were very excited to create some original beads to use in a jewellery project. The first step was to decide on a pattern and colour that would work well when the paper was rolled into an oval or…

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 2 2018

27th February 2018 We are all organised for term 2 in the Cre8 Lab and also the McAuley Makerspace with some exciting workshops and activities planned.  Check out the video below for more information on the Cre8 Lab workshops.

Cre8 Lab Workshops term 1 2018

15th November, 2017 Another year is upon us and it is now time to organise the workshops for next year. Here is a quick look at the exciting things we have planned for the Cre8 Lab students for the first 5 weeks of term 1.  


5th September 2017 Check out the new workshops for next term. Each student must sign up for the workshops, all sign up sheets are at the front desk of Potter library