The Makerspace Reading Chairs

11th June, 2019 The McAuley library has had a Positivitree since June last year. The tree is situated in the bean bag area of McAuley library and it has been a long journey to acquire just the right chair or chairs to sit under the tree. After some searching we were able to purchase two…

All Hallows’ Open Day 2019

31st May, 2019 Last Sunday 26th of May was the annual All Hallows’ Open day.  This year we had over 2000 visitors come to see our school and learn a little bit about the All Hallows’ spirit.  Students assisted in many areas of the school, looking after visitors and taking tours, as well as staff…

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 1 2019

30th November, 2019 The workshops for next year will be commencing in week 2 of Term 1.  Below is a presentation of what is scheduled.

Steampunk Desk Top Organiser

29th October, 2018 On to the second and third week of term 4, and the Cre8 Lab workshops are going strong.  The Steampunk Desk Top Organiser workshop has been very popular, however there have been several days where students were not able to attend because of other commitments, so we have extended the workshop into…

BoHo Hippy Bracelets

29th October, 2018 During the first week of term 4 the Cre8 Lab workshops began.  The first workshop being the BoHo Hippy Bracelets. The bracelets are made of scrap materials, bits and pieces of braid and wire, as well as beads and buttons.  The students were very excited and most of them were able to…

Cre8 Lab Showcase

26th October, 2018 During week 6 of this term, the Potter Library will be hosting a Showcase for the Cre8 Lab students. The girls will be displaying some of the work that they have completed during the year and students, teachers and parents are invited to pop in to have a look at the display….

Makerspace Activities Term 4 2018

The last term for 2018 is going to be full of interesting activities in the McAuley Library.  Have a look at what we have organised for our year 5 and year 6 students.