Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 1 2021

13th November, 2020 Next year will be a little different in the Cre8 Lab, with the Pottery library being closed we will be holding all the Cre8 Lab workshops in the McAuley Labs. Watch the presentation below to see what we will be offering.

E.L Wire Glowing Night Light

30th October, 2020 EL Wire, also known as Electroluminescent wire, is a stiff wire core coated with phosphor and then covered with a protective PVC sheath. When an AC signal is applied to it, it glows an aqua (blue green) color. Sometimes its covered with a colored plastic shell to make it appear another color….

Mini Loom Weaving

22nd October, 2020 For the past couple of weeks the Cre8 Lab students have been concentrating on finishing the Mini Loom Weaving workshop. Fun Facts  Weaving is acknowledged as one of the oldest surviving crafts in the world. The tradition of weaving traces back to Neolithic times – approximately 12,000 years ago. Even before the actual…

Makerspace Creations Term 4 2020

8th September, 2020 It is getting closer to the end of the term, and we have had some great activities in the Makerspace. Firstly, the term started off with the girls furiously painting and decorating A3 peices of paper for the “Wings Mural” that was put up during week 5. There was approximately 200 feathers…

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 4 2020

September 7th, 2020 Watch the presentation below to see the workshops that are available for our year 7 to 12 students in the Cre8 Lab for term 4. It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of 2020, it has been an interesting and unfamiliar year. Our workshops provide the students with…

Open Day Virtual Tour 2020

All Hallows’ Open day is usually in May each year, however this year we have had to be creative and develop a virtual open day. Below is some presentations from both the McAuley Library and the Potter Library. Showcasing programs, workshops and activities that are available to students during their school years. Potter Library Virtual…

Umbrella Card

Have fun creating this cute umbrella card. You can make it as simple or as detailed as you like. Most of the items you need will already be in your craft cupboard at home, but I did purchase my cardboard and decorative paper at Spotlight. When you have finished please send me a picture so…

Makerspace eCard Tutorial

Take some time out to create an eCard for someone special in your life. Follow along with Mrs Carey as she demonstrates how to create and animate an eCard using Powerpoint.

Cre8 Lab Workshops Term 2 2020

Below is a presentation of the workshops that are offered for next term. Sign-up sheets are located at the Potter Library counter and will be available the last two weeks of this term.