Summer Staycation Reads

29th October, 2020. Moving on to the Summer holidays and we would like to give some recommendations to our staff. It will be an unusual holiday break with no travel for most of you… however we hope to inspire you to go on a “Staycation” and travel to wonderful places through the pages of a…

Grow Your Mind – Spring Holiday Reads

21st August, 2020 Holiday’s are fast approaching for September 2020. Scroll through the new books we have in the Potter Library to keep your mind growing through the spring break. Some of these books are “oldies but goodies” and we are always purchasing new versions.

Winter Holiday Reading 2020

Curl up with a good book this Winter Holiday season. Choose from a few of our suggestons including Non Fiction and a Classic Read.


Below is a list of the 25 most popular books that have been borrowed in our library from our year 7 and 8 students. The list is from the beginning of 2020 to now. It is always interesting to see books that come up time after time, one in particular is ‘Life on the Refridgerator…

Humour for Teens

We all need a little humour in our lives, especially during challenging times. Scroll down to see what we have available in our collection, and take a ‘Comic break’ from the daily routine.

New eBooks 2020

Check out the new e-Books that we have available for you in the Library Catalogue. Click on the image to borrow. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for our tutorial on how to borrow ebooks and Audiobooks if you need to.

The Bookchelor 2019

29th November, 2019 Back by popular demand! The Bookchelor is a reading promotion that the Potter Library hosts each year to encourage students to borrow as many books as they would like over the summer break. Based on the Bachelor T.V. series, the girls have a time limit to date a book. They can then…