Easter Holiday Reads 2021

While you are having a break during Easter don’t forget to keep reading. Here are some new and recommended books available in McAuley library for you to enjoy. Click on the book cover to find out about availability and more.

Reading in the Library in Year 5 & 6

28th July, 2020 Suggested novels for reluctant readers: Graphic Novels: tell stories in both visual and written form Series: popular on Netflix and Stan, watch the series, read the books, hook the reader Humorous: generally, hook the reader in with funny and playful storylines Other recommended books/series:

The Summer Slide

Seven Books For Seven Weeks Have you heard about the Summer Slide? Unfortunately, I am not talking about a slide at a theme park, but the very real decline in reading ability and other academic skills that can occur over the school holidays. Numerous studies show that students who don’t read during the summer holidays…

McAuley Author Visit

14th September, 2018 Students from Junior school were lucky enough to attend workshops with Nicholas Lochel, co author of Zakora, today in the McAuley Library. Nicholas Lochel grew up in Brisbane, Australia, along with his two brothers and sister, Alison, with whom he is co-writing the ZARKORA series. It was the close bond he shared…

McAuley Spring Holiday Reads

The Most Marvellous Spelling Bee Mystery by Deborah Abela India never wanted to enter the Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee, but with the encouragement of her town, her family and some newfound friends, she overcame her fears, made it all the way to the grand final at the Sydney Opera House and won! Sepron vs Narga…