Cre8 Lab Workshop #1 Drones

Term 2, 2022

What a Buzz! This week in Cre8 lab we worked with our fleet of AHS drones. Students connected our Tello drones via Bluetooth to handheld flight controllers to manually fly the drones through obstacle courses and challenges. This enabled the students to develop skills in manual take off, flying and landing skills. The course was tight and tricky and the students had to use all their focus and skill to navigate their drones through safely.

The students then went on to measure and code flight patterns using block code to program the drones.

We also learnt this week that drones, fitted with specific heat detecting devices, are being used by researchers at QUT to count and track koala populations in Queensland. This research will aid in the conservation of koalas and other threatened species.

We look forward to developing our drone skills further next term, using block coding.

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